Who We Are

Shaun Roth, CEO

I started Live Realism in 2008 in order to express my creative passions while helping others to realize their project visions. Since then, I have enjoyed taking projects past the traditional barriers and into the cutting edge of design, using the latest in technology available to me. We are located near Salisbury on Maryland's Eastern Shore, but by using the power of the internet we can do business anywhere in the USA.




I have always been interested in creative work since I was young. After taking the basic courses at my community college, I decided to pursue Architecture, and I received a bachelor's degree from Drexel University. During that time, I began learning how to use creative software for 3d rendering, modeling, graphic design, and web development. So, not only was I learning traditional architecture skills, but I was also being introduced to the endless possibilities of digital media creation, and the whole new realm that it opens up for the presentation of information for almost any industry. Now, I am pleased to share these talents with you.